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English abstract - provisional translation 19th of June 2017

Improvement of the World by self-help in 9 crucial areas of problems by creating a synergy of economics, ecology and psychology


1. Self-help - by enableing people to improve their situation by their own efforts. The 9 area and will soon be explained by one chart covering each area. They are systemically related, poverty at the core of it.


2. The analyse of the 9 areas of world-problems shows a common factor: the list of human weaknesses. The remedy: requires continuing education, personal empowerment, personality development, personal values, raising self esteem and confidence; while generating higher confidence in other people at the same time.


3. But we need more: Poverty and Hunger need more economical growth in most countries – for more material, social and medical welfare. To achieve this we have to increase productivity and jobs – each country has to work for its own prosperity.
Mechanism of action: create 'atmosphere of departure' – spirit of optimism, support investments from outside and inside the country.


4. For each country with roadblock in area 1 lighthouse-projects are created, which can be started quickly with more or less untrained workers, like projects in building and infrastructure. Where work can be started simultaneously at many locations and people can see instant progress.


5. The workers of this lighthouse-projects learn and work 4 hours a day respectively. After 1 year they are replaced by new workers. Doing so after 5-10 years about 5 % of the population have participated.


6. The curriculum offers:
a) Reading and writing
b) Calculation
c) Finances and economics in world of division of labour and providing added value to customers.
d) Technology based on physics and chemistry
e) Health, hygiene including nutrition, care of water and plants. Medical care
f) Communication and conduct including values and moral intelligence


7. In most cases it will be useful to start with a central conference with domestic donors.
Either simultaneously or later, future conferences will follow at several cities where everybody interested can participate.
Result: Attention, interest, participation, activity, common goals, optimism, confidence.


8. Large group methods play an important role in the process of world-improvement. 75 % of the time is discussion in small groups – from which common ideas and projects show up.
"Future Search" is the most known format of such large groups. It is limited to 80 people, but other formats are available for higher numbers of participants, up to thousands. The Internet offers additional possibilities.


9. After the initial conferences and parallel to phases 4-6 there will be large group actions from half day up to 5 days with thousands or millions of participants which will lead to new start-ups (about 1 % of the population) – creating jobs and increasing gross domestic product.


10. All these activities and projects are organized and coordinated by new Foundations within the countries under a world umbrella foundation; including the learning- and large group events.
The financial means come from rich people and other donors, who want to give back the opportunities of their lifes to society.
An improved world serves everybody: Welfare, peace and freedom.
At the head of the Foundation there will be people of the highest standards in honesty and ethical conduct.


These are the most important elements for a brand new strategy for world improvement with quick impact, because from the very beginning large numbers of people are involved and integrated with their conduct and their thinking.



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Rudolf Müller

Doctor in economics, Master Psychology

20 years Managing Director in industrial family company, international Marketing

20 years of consultanting and developing organizations and people

Hobby: learning and large groups

Author of 7 books

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